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  • Siglent SDG2042X + IMD Measurement

    28th Nov 2021 by

    SDG2042X I recently acquired a relatively inexpensive dual channel signal generator: the Siglent SDG2042X. I’d been looking for a dual channel signal generator for a while to allow IMD measurements and this one was particularly attractive for a couple of reasons: DAC sample rate of 1.2GSPS meant that any image frequencies on the output would… Read more

  • Phase Accumulator / CORDIC part 1

    15th Feb 2020 by

    Disclaimer: I am not claiming any competency in signal processing / Verilog. This is just a documentation of what I’ve done (primarily for myself when I’ve forgotten what I did in 6 months!) If it helps you, great but I’m not brave enough to claim this is a tutorial. Demodulating an AM signal can be… Read more

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